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4 Ways to Make Your Office Greener-OSID

4 Ways to Make Your Office Greener

Recently there have been a lot of greener alternatives for people to use less plastic and paper. On-Site Information Destruction is conscious of the footprint we are making, which is why all of our securely destroyed jobs are 100% recycled. Choosing to minimize your footprint and make your office greener is a significant step that can lower your recurring costs and promote more conscious renewable resource choices for your business and employee’s entire lives.

Implement the 3 R’s

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Having designated recycling bins around the office will give your employees easy access to good recycling habits, along with using more digitally stored documents to reduce their paper usage.

Clean Desks

Implementing a policy that ensures all of your employee’s desks are clean and have minimum clutter will encourage them to not inherit as much paper and plastic products. Additionally, you should have a security protocol to ensure the confidential printed or digital documents are kept out of harm’s way.

Install Motion Detectors

Lights are consistently left on without people needing them, setting up your office to have motion detecting lights can save you money by lowering your electricity bill. This not only helps you out but also helps the environment.

Minimize Printer Usage

Only allowing certain documents to be printed can save you money from less demand for paper and ink, while also minimizing your footprint.

Choosing to implement even one of these green office practices can help lower your monthly recurring bills and increase the positive impact you’re making on the environment.

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