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Safer Business Travel-OSID

5 Employee Traveling Tips

Sending your employees on trips for trainings or meetings with clients can be exciting for employers and the employee alike. Efficiently training your clients on good behavior around other business professionals is only the beginning of it. When your employees are traveling, they’re also traveling with your business’s personal information. Here are On-Site Information Destruction’s 5 best employee traveling tips.

Paper Storage

Ensure that all of your paper documents are safely stored in places that can’t easily be accessed in case of thieves or improper storage techniques. Not keeping track of all your business papers and notes is one of the easiest ways to get confidential business information shared.  

Secure Wifi

Free wi-fi is everywhere these days, make sure if your employee is using free wi-fi they aren’t doing it on any device that stores any sensitive information.

Credit Cards

If you’re letting your employee bring a company credit card on their business trip, you should discuss with them what expenses they’re able to make. Choosing safe businesses to make reliable credit card transactions is vital to keeping your business’s finances secure.

Personal Documents

When you are traveling your employee will need their identification information to board a plane, or legally drive a car. Make sure they know how important it is to keep track of their identification information at all times.

Company Phones

Cell phones have taken over, people have all of their personal information on them whether you want them to or not. Secure passwords can make the difference of your employee accidentally leaking private information about your business.

Having your employees travel to meet clients or to go to trainings is an essential part of any business, make sure you’ve trained your entire staff on the critical precautions to take when they’re not at the office.

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