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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Document Retention Policy

Dedicating time to creating a document retention policy for your business may seem time-consuming and not worth the dollars because you’ve never had any breach of data before. Using preventative care can help your business save a lot of money in the chance that your business is targeted and some of your outdated, or not professionally destroyed documents get into the wrong hands.

  1. Protect your customers

When your customers choose your business for your goods or services, they’re trusting you with their information.

  1. Potential Cost Savings

Having a policy set up that people are required to follow eliminates the maintenance and storage of old records.

  1. Easy Access

With less paper clutter you’re going to be able to find what you need faster.

  1. Timely Destruction

Keeping documents for longer than necessary can be dangerous for your business. Having your employees or customers confidential documents stolen can be very costly to a company of any size.

  1. Efficient Workspace

Knowing that all of your documents are being retained for the proper amount of time, and are in the correct place can save precious time. If your business is in a lawsuit, knowing where the documentation for proof of your doings can aid in a successful case.

  1. Federal, State, and Local Law Compliance

When you’re creating your document retention policy, you should check with your federal, state and local laws to make sure your new procedure keeps you compliant. Following these regulations will give you the correct documentation if your business gets audited.

  1. Trained Employees

Having a required document retention policy gives you the means to train your employees to be knowledgeable on the proper procedure of document destruction.

If your business has a document retention policy but is in search of a reliable document destruction company, On-Site Information Destruction Services is the choice for you! We can do scheduled services throughout the year that abides by your document retention policy schedule.

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