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About Us

On-Site Information Destruction was established in 2001 by two business professionals in Waterloo, IA.  They started the company with nothing but a mobile shredding truck and a truckload of secure containers.  Chris Davis, part owner and General Manager, hit the streets to educate area businesses on the importance of secure document shredding and was successful in doing so.  The business grew fast, adding one mobile shredding truck per year for the next three years.

The company began providing shredding services to the Des  Moines, IA market in 2006 and in October 2009 decided it was time to permanently position a truck in Des Moines to serve the growing shredding needs in that market.  In addition, the company decided to expand their service offering to include off-site shredding in the Des Moines Market.

Secure Paper Shred TrucksIn 2012, On-Site Information Destruction was purchased by Quincy Recycle, based in Quincy, IL.  Bryan Stokes, President of Quincy Recycle, recognized that a shredding company was a way to diversify the business while providing complimentary services to both customer bases.

Quincy Recycle is a full-service B2B recycler that solves waste stream problems for manufacturers and other industrial customers. With five locations in four Midwestern states, Quincy Recycle processes and brokers plastic, paper, e-wastes, and food wastes and ships materials nationwide, and to India and China.

Chris Davis stayed with the company after the acquisition, and helped the company expand its its’ service offering again to include mobile hard drive shredding services.  He was also instrumental in moving our off-site destruction operations to the home office in Waterloo, IA.   Davis, with his entrepreneurial drive and desire to be a business owner again, left the company in August 2013 to pursue that dream.

In December 2013, On-Site Information Destruction purchased a mobile shredding truck to expand our their geographic scope again – this time in the Quincy, IL market where Quincy Recycle has already built a strong reputation as a reputable business in that marketplace.

Today, On-Site Information Destruction has 12 employees, a fleet of 11 vehicles including 8 mobile shredding trucks, two off-site destruction facilities and is expanding both geographically and into new service offerings in an effort to continually add value to our customers needing data protection services.