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4 Ways to Make Your Office Greener

Recently there have been a lot of greener alternatives for people to use less plastic and paper. On-Site Information Destruction is conscious of the footprint we are making, which is why all of our securely destroyed jobs are 100% recycled. Choosing to minimize your footprint and make your office greener is a significant step that... Read More

5 Employee Traveling Tips

Sending your employees on trips for trainings or meetings with clients can be exciting for employers and the employee alike. Efficiently training your clients on good behavior around other business professionals is only the beginning of it. When your employees are traveling, they’re also traveling with your business’s personal information. Here are On-Site Information Destruction’s... Read More

Is Destroying Hard Drives Easy?

Is it time to update your computer? Are you planning on just recycling it? You should destroy the hard drive in your computer before disposing of it, and that’s not an easy task. Recycling your computer with the hard drive still in it is easy, but it can lead to significant consequences for your business... Read More

Why Should I Use a Purge Shredding Service?

Everyone has private documents, whether you’re a business or just have personal documents that you want to get shredded. Planning a purge is a quick and easy service, along with eliminating a lot of stress that can come with long-term document storage. We understand that your documents need to be handled with care, all of... Read More

Can I Throw Away My Old Hard Drives?

Most businesses store their data using different hard drives, and potentially even multiple business locations. Storage possibilities continue to grow, but people are still choosing to throw away their old hard drives instead of using a company for secure hard drive destruction. So, why should you want a secure service instead of throwing them in... Read More

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Document Retention Policy

Dedicating time to creating a document retention policy for your business may seem time-consuming and not worth the dollars because you’ve never had any breach of data before. Using preventative care can help your business save a lot of money in the chance that your business is targeted and some of your outdated, or not... Read More

Your Business Was Just Hacked, Now What?

Was your business just hacked and now you don’t know what to do? On-Site Information Destruction Services wants to make sure you know what to do if this happens, and what to do to keep your business safe in the future. We offer secure hard drive destruction services to businesses of all sizes; when you... Read More

5 Tips to Protect Your Identity During Tax Season

Tax season is the prime time of the year for gathering up old documents. Every year you plan to keep all of your tax papers organized, and every year you fail to do so. On-Site Information Destruction is here to give you the five best practices on how to be prepared for your next tax... Read More

New Hard Drive Trucks

On-Site Information Destruction is growing! Our company is expanding all over the United States, and to keep up with our increasing demand we have purchased a new hard drive shredding truck with unbelievable capabilities. Our new truck can securely shred up to 2,400 hard drives per hour! If you have a large quantity of hard... Read More

Tax Season: What to Shred and What to Keep

It’s tax season, and do you know what that means? Now is the best time to learn what documents are safe to keep and what documents you should shred this season. When you’re decluttering your home or business from year-old documents and hard drives, you may want to throw everything away, but there are certain... Read More
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