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We Train to Protect Our Customers

Some people go to Las Vegas to gamble, others to see the shows… OSID GM Tom Saylor went to take a grueling four-hour exam to become CSDS (Certified Secure Destruction Specialist) accredited. What he won’t sacrifice for his customers… “To be totally fair, there was a bit of time to enjoy Las Vegas,” Tom admitted.... Read More

CSDS Certification and Your Security

Your personal and business information deserve the best protection possible. To help ensure that, On-Site Information Destruction’s General Manager Tom Saylor recently earned the highly respected Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS) certification from NAID (the National Association of Information Destruction). Certified Secure Destruction Specialists have to pass a rigorous, proctored test featuring 300 questions that... Read More

Shred Paper – Save Trees, Jobs

All paper shredded by On-Site Information Destruction is 100% fully recycled. What’s the impact of that? Well, in 2016 we securely shredded over 3,704 tons of paper. That saved: 62,968 trees (each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees) 25,928,000 gallons of water (at 7,000 gallons/ton of paper) 11,112 cubic yards of landfill (at 9... Read More

It’s Tax Time – Shred After Filing

To protect yourself and your business, shred everything you don’t need to keep after filling you taxes. Some think that people living in states like Iowa or small towns like Quincy, IL and the rural communities nearby aren’t target of ID thieves. The Quincy Police Department knows better, and has a page of great information on... Read More

ITAD and End of Lifecycle Protection

When thinking about and planning data protection, don’t overlook end-of-lifecycle. Even after your organization is done using a hard drive, eliminating the information it holds is a critical element in data protection. Destroying hard drives properly is as vital as protecting it while it’s live and connected to networks. Data centers (and the third party... Read More

Pricing: Not Apples-to-Apples

Understanding the cost of secure document destruction can be a challenge. Competing companies often use different size cabinets, making a true apples-to-apples price comparison tricky. For example, a major national provider uses a “price per cabinet emptied” pricing model. Makes sense, we can do the same. The catch? Our standard cabinets hold 40 gallons (volume)... Read More

End of Year Document Purge

It’s a new year – clear out those old documents or hard drives filling a closet – or a warehouse! Kick off 2017 by protecting yourself, your business, your staff and customers by securely shredding no longer needed documents. We have available spaces on routes in Iowa, west-central Illinois, and northeast Missouri. Whether you have... Read More

Microfiche and ID Theft

Is your business storing old microfiche filled with your patients’ or customers’ personal information? Don’t wait for ID thieves to steal them – shred ‘em! The personally identifiable information (PII) stored on rolls and rolls of microfiche expose the many businesses that still rely on them to HIPAA, FACTA, GLB, and other regulatory fines. A... Read More

Moving? Protect Your Assets

Are you moving your office, medical practice, or business? Protect yourself from lawsuits or regulatory fines by protecting your information assets during the move. On-Site Information Destruction is a NAID AAA certified document destruction company. That means our services are compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and other regulations. Just as we securely transport documents, hard... Read More

Don’t Let This Happen to Your School

Do you want to see your school in the paper with this headline? “Parents Enraged: Local Student Records Found in Dumpster” It happens. School administrators in Denver, Dallas, and New York have all woken up to similar headlines. And beyond the negative press and understandably irate parents, these types of data breaches can lead to... Read More