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15,000 Trees Saved… So Far!

At On-Site Information Destruction we recycle 100% of the paper we securely shred for our customers. For the first three months of 2015, we recycled 877 tons of paper at our Waterloo, Iowa facility. That’s 1,754,000 pounds! So not only were our customers protected from potential ID theft, data loss, HIPAA and other regulatory violations... Read More

It’s Shred Day Season!

It’s that time of year, when Shred Days pop up… well, like things do in spring, and On-Site Information Destruction joins in the fun by partnering with our customers to offer free Shred Days for individuals to shred their personal documents. Our first shred day of the season was at the West Des Moines Department... Read More

Iowa Nice Guy, WDM Chamber & OSID

Have you heard about or seen “Iowa Nice Guy”? Seriously funny fellow who takes misconceptions about Iowa and turns them into laughs — in the process schooling outsiders on the vibrancy of Iowa’s economy. On-Site Information Destruction is proud to be a sponsor of the West Des Moines Chamber’s April Membership Luncheon, which will feature the... Read More

Destroy Your Hard Drives!

Okay, they only need to be destroyed once they’re at end-of-life. But they do need to be destroyed. It may seem silly, but people wanting to steal identities, get hold of bank account information, or a range of other nefarious activities have long known that discarded hard drives are a treasure trove of data. Getting... Read More

Regulatory Compliance & Data Security

As news of the data breach at the insurance company Anthem spreads, we thought it would be a good time to get the word out about regulatory compliance and data security. This data breach involved hackers, but the big issue with it is that sensitive data – including social security numbers – was left unencrypted... Read More

Why Purge?

Start the new year off right by cleaning out your old files, records, and other documents with an on-site or off-site purge! Why purge? The single best reason for purging your old documents is to protect yourself and your customers. We often forgot just how much sensitive data is boxed up in storage closets and... Read More

Fort Madison IA Chamber

On a chilly day in late-November a group of Fort Madison, Iowa’s Chamber Ambassadors came out to the YMCA to learn about the business benefits of secure shredding… and to attend the ribbon cutting welcoming On-Site Information Destruction into the Fort Madison Chamber. We very much appreciate all of the Ambassadors who joined Fort Madison... Read More

Consider Hard Drive Destruction with On-Site Information Destruction

Do you have old hard drives lying around your office? Disposing of your electronic information in a secure manner is the only method of truly erasing your confidential data for good. On-Site Information Destruction provides the necessary destruction services that will keep your business compliant and safe from legal risks such as identity theft and... Read More

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

If your business is thinking about outsourcing its paper shredding or hard drive destruction, this is an excellent step towards protecting your private business documents. Not only does a professional paper shredding company offer expertise and skills in the way of thoroughly shredding paper so that it’s irrecoverable, most reputable ones also follow a strict process... Read More