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Document Shredding Solutions in Altoona

At On-Site Information Destruction, our trusted document shredding services supply Altoona clients with simple and cost-effective solutions that ultimately keep information safe and secure.  Our team offers both on-site mobile document shredding and off-site document shredding services; customers can select from either based on their needs and preferences.

On-site document shredding is performed directly at our customer’s place of business, where you are welcome to witness the shredding take place via video surveillance on our mobile shred trucks. We’ll shred in minutes what might take hours to do in-house, and complete it with little interruption in your work day.

Alternatively, customers may wish to use our off-site facility based shredding option, performed at our location through the use of industry leading shred equipment. Should you require a large purge shredding service or you’re in the middle of a move and have several boxes to shred, this option may be more suitable for your Altoonabusiness. Both services are carried out with the same level of professionalism and security, so there’s never a reason to worry about exposure.

After each and every shred appointment, your service provider will present you with documentation that clearly indicates what was shred, how it was shred, and where it was shred. This Certificate of Destruction is given to our clients as documented evidence that our shred process follows a strict security process, and remains in compliance with state privacy laws. At On-site Information Destruction, we make it a priority always, to protect your customers, employees, brand and reputation from unauthorized exposure.

We realize how crucial your business documents are to the success of your business, and this remains true whether they are still of relevance or not. All business documents that relate to confidential matters need to stay secure from the moment they are collected, to the moment they are destroyed. You can count on our qualified and experienced team to look after your documents diligently each and every time.

Hard Drive and Product Destruction Solutions in Altoona

Hard Drive Destruction

Do you have a cabinet or storage room where you keep old hard drives? We will effectively destroy all your old hard drives as well as your documents. Residents and businesses in Altoona should keep in mind that hard drives and other electronic files are just as crucial to keep secure.   To guarantee data removal it’s best to turn to a professional service. Why isn’t degaussing good enough? Unfortunately “deleting” a hard drive does not always remove data permanently; in some circumstances it can often still be accessed. This doubt alone proves it’s not a reliable source of removal for anyone. At On-Site Information Destruction, our high-performance shred equipment allows us to quickly shred your old hard drives and other electronic material, so that it is 100% eliminated. When you work with us for your destruction needs, you protect yourself from the risks of identity theft and fraud. Keeping these items out of the trash also contributes to a greener and cleaner environment, as it keeps harmful toxins and other substances found in hard drives, out of the landfills.

Product Destruction

Branded, expired, recalled, or old promotional items that are no longer needed should be dealt with professionally, so that your Altoona business’ reputation and brand is protected. For example, old mouse pads, pens, and uniforms that have reached the end of their lifecycle need to be disposed of carefully; throwing these items in the trash may lead to damaging consequences for your company’s industry stance.  If a faulty product reaches the market again somehow, this becomes a safety and security issue to the public which means you will more than likely be liable.

Shredding in house comes with risks; consider professional document shredding services supplied by On-Site Information Destruction for the best results. If you have concerns or inquiries in regards to what we offer, or if you’re interested in seeing our facility in person please reach out to us today. We are more than willing to work with you!  Call (800) 601-8201