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Beginning of Year Purge

The new year is here, have you done your annual document or hard drive destruction yet? Every year your business accumulates new and sensitive customer data that they’re trusting you to protect. When your business has personally identifiable information (PII) you should always choose professionals for secure data destruction.

When was the last time you got rid of old hard drives with sensitive information on them? We are a trusted solution for overstocked data storage and yearly purges.

Identity theft and cybercriminals are real threats that your business could be affected by. Identity theft can be done through password hacking and readable unprofessionally destroyed data. When you’re dealing with someone else’s identity, for security reasons you should always have professionals take care of your hard drive destruction needs.

On-Site Information Destruction will take your old documents and hard drives and securely destroy them. We use a 100% recyclable process; this ensures secure destruction and the ability to give your customers peace of mind in the reassurance of their safely cared for personal information.

Every year there are more physical and digital threats that could be avoided with yearly data purges to eliminate surpluses in your data storage rooms.

With every data destruction job we do, we provide a Certification of Destruction.

Our purge service is ideal for one time shredding jobs and for regularly scheduled appointments.

You can’t put a price on the importance of someone’s identity, but On-Site Information Destruction ensures a fast, secure, and 100% recycled process every time. We specialize in Paper Shredding, Hard Drive Destruction, Microfilm/Microfiche Destruction, and Uniform Destruction.

What information should you get destroyed every year?

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