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Document Shredding Solutions in Des Moines, Iowa

We provide businesses in Des Moines with convenient and secure document shredding services.  These can take place directly on-site at our customers’ location in Des Moines, or you can take advantage of our off-site document shredding solutions, completed at our facility.  Both options are entirely secure and completed through the use of industry leading equipment and skilled professionals. Following every shred job, you will be presented with documented proof that destruction has been completed securely and in compliance with industry standards. You can rest assured that our document shredding services are completed carefully, with your security in mind throughout the entire process. We guarantee that your sensitive information will remain irrecoverable and safe from exposure.  Your Des Moines business can trust in our team to provide you with exceptional document shredding services you can count on.  Plus we will recycle all shredded pieces in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Hard Drive and Product Destruction Services in Des Moines

Hard Drive Destruction Services
We supply more than just secure document shredding services. Your Des Moines business needs to consider its electronic information as well; all electronic files contain sensitive information pertaining to your business, employees, and customers.  To protect your identity and reputation, Des Moines businesses must securely destroy electronic media as well. Hard drives alone contain hundreds of thousands of individual files that need to remain private even after they are disposed of. Our state of the art equipment allows us to effectively destroy your old hard drives and other electronic material in a manner that will prevent the risk of both theft and fraud. Furthermore our green process means toxins and other harmful substances found in electronic parts, stays out our landfills.

Product Destruction Services

What about products that your business no longer requires? Materials such as old flyers, books, t-shirts, discs, and re-called items that your Des Moines business no longer requires need to be disposed of properly. If a defective product accidentally gets leaked on the market or if it’s improperly disposed of and harms a consumer, you may have to face serious consequences that could affect the reputation and security of your Des Moines business. Our product destruction services offer secure and environmentally-friendly disposal solutions for any product which is damaged, out-of-date, expired or recalled. Interested in learning more about our method of product destruction? Come visit our facility or feel free to contact us anytime to discuss further. Contact us today at (800) 601-8201


On-Site Information Destruction

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