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Document Shredding Solutions in Iowa City

When you work with On-site Information Destruction, your business will benefit from expert specialists in the shredding industry who offer cost-effective services for businesses and residents in the Iowa City region. Customers can select from two solutions depending on their specific requirements; on-site document shredding takes place directly at your Iowa City location, where distractions are minimal and you can continue with your work day. Our secure, mobile shred truck with carefully shred all sensitive content directly before you if you wish to witness the process. On the other hand, customers who are relocating, performing a major office clean-out or simply wish to have their documents destroyed at our facility, can instead select our off-site document shredding solution. Both methods are completed with a high level of professionalism and follow strict security measures.

After each shred job, our document shredding professional will provide you with written evidence which outlines what was shred, how it was shred, and where it was shred. This Certificate of Destruction is provided for both on-site and off-site shredding options. Your business will have peace of mind in knowing that our document shredding procedures assist in protecting your information from unauthorized exposure legal fines. Professional document shredding services help you remain in compliance with state and federal privacy regulations, which protect your brand and reputation, but also your customers from information theft. We realize how vital your business documents are, regardless of whether they are still of relevancy. Our shredding process guarantees that all files containing confidential information remain secure from the time they are picked-up, to the time they are destroyed. We promise that your business records will stay confidential throughout every step of the process. Our document shredding specialists are industry professionals and follow the strictest policies and security measures for your safety and well being.

Hard Drive and Product Destruction Services in Iowa City

Hard Drive Destruction Offered in Iowa City
On-site Information Destruction will destroy more than just documents. Residents and businesses in Iowa City need to also protect the data that’s stored on their electronic media, such as information found on hard drives. For your security, any old or unwanted hard drives that have reached their lifecycle, or are no longer needed, must be 100% destroyed. Why isn’t degaussing enough protection? Unfortunately erasing or “degaussing” a hard drive is not a dependable means of information removal, and in fact often data can be recovered afterwards. The only form of permanent data deletion is through secure hard drive and media destruction. At On-Site Information Destruction, our high-performance shred equipment allows us to successfully destroy your old hard drives and other electronic material permanently so there is no chance of exposure. When you partner with us for your shredding needs, the risks related with identity theft and fraud decrease instantly. Allowing professionals to handle safe disposal also prevents toxins and other harmful material found in electronics out of landfills in Iowa City.

Product Destruction Offered in Iowa City
Branded, expired, recalled, or old promotional products that you are tossing away in a proper manner to safeguard your Iowa City business is critical. For instance, old mouse pads, pens, and uniforms that have gone beyond their lifecycle should be disposed of carefully; if these products are found in the garbage, your company could face significant consequences that may hurt your reputation. If a defective item winds up on the market unknowingly, this becomes a safety and security issue concern for the general public. Your company will likely be found liable should it be determined that there was negligent behavior on your account.

Don’t put your company at risk; turn to On-site Information Destruction for all of your shredding requirements. If you’d like more details on the shredding services we provide, or if you’d like to visit our facility in person, please feel free to get in touch with us.