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Document Shredding Solutions in Macomb

At On-Site Information Destruction our team of experts provides specialized document shredding to residents and businesses throughout the Macomb region. Our customers can choose from two separate services depending on what works for them; our on-site document shredding takes place directly at your location, meaning you never have to worry about transporting information off-site. On the other hand, customers who would prefer to drop their documents off at our facility are welcome to do so; our facility based shredding services are completed with the same level of care and security that is taken with our on-site mobile shredding option.

In both cases, once each shred job is complete a representative will present you with documentation that outlines what was shred, how it was shred, and where it was shred. You will have peace of mind in knowing that our approach to document destruction ensures your information is safe and your business is compliant with state privacy laws. We know how important your records are to the success of your business, and this remains true whether they are outdated or not. All company files containing sensitive details need to stay protected from the moment they are picked-up, to the moment they are collected for shredding.  Our document shredding professionals are trained to practice the strictest standards and security measures for your safety.

Hard Drive and Product Destruction Services in Macomb

Hard Drive Destruction

We destroy more than just sensitive documents.  Residents and businesses in Macomb should also be taking special care over their electronic information as well.  Any old or unwanted hard drives/discs that have reached that are no longer needed should be destroyed securely and professionally.  Why doesn’t degaussing do it? Unfortunately erasing a hard drive does not guarantee data will be gone forever; in some cases it can be retrieved quite quickly actually. This uncertainty alone proves it’s not a trustworthy solution for anyone. At On-Site Information Destruction, our high-performance shred technology allows us to quickly shred your old hard drives and other electronic material, so that it is 100% irrecoverable. When you hire our team to handle your shredding, you protect yourself from the risks of identity theft and fraud. Refraining from tossing these items in the trash also contributes to a greener and cleaner environment, keeping harmful toxins and other substances found in hard drives, out of landfills.

Product Destruction

Branded, expired, recalled, or old promotional products that no longer serve a purpose to your business should be disposed of carefully as well. Your Macomb business’ reputation and brand is on the line after all, so it’s important to keep it protected. For example, old mouse pads, pens, and uniforms that have reached the end of their lifecycle should not be tossed away in the garbage, as this may lead to consequences surrounding your company’s industry stance.  If a faulty product reaches the market again somehow, this becomes a safety and security issue to the public which means you will more than likely be responsible.

Don’t risk facing such an issue; hire On-Site Information Destruction for all your shredding needs.  If you have questions in regards to our services, or if you’re interested in a tour of our facility, please contact us today. We are more than happy to help.