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New Hard Drive Trucks

On-Site Information Destruction is growing! Our company is expanding all over the United States, and to keep up with our increasing demand we have purchased a new hard drive shredding truck with unbelievable capabilities.

Our new truck can securely shred up to 2,400 hard drives per hour! If you have a large quantity of hard drives ready to be destroyed, you won’t have to limit yourself due to this high capacity; our machinery is the most efficient mobile shredder on the market.

When choosing hard drive destruction for your business, you need to pick a company that can ensure a safe and secure process, every time. On-Site Information Destruction does just that! Businesses work daily with their customer’s personal information. To protect your customer, you should always take extra precaution in the destruction of any of their data. For additional security with all of our hard drive destructions, paper shredding, and microfilm/microfiche destruction jobs we provide your business a Certificate of Destruction. The Certificate of Destruction outlines the private information we received, the data we destroyed, and documentation for the shredded remnants being recycled.

Businesses in every industry should be using a highly trained and reliable company for all of their hard drive destruction needs. Our trucks efficiently shred every hard drive we receive and will always keep you in compliance with your industries’ secure information regulations.

Convenience is what we aim to provide with all of our services. With our new truck’s high capabilities, it doesn’t have to take any time out of your busy days; we can come right to you!

Choose On-Site Information Destruction for all of your hard drive destruction needs; our new truck will get the job done conveniently, quickly, and efficiently. Call us today at (800) 601-8201 to schedule your next hard drive destruction servicing!

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