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Can I Throw Away My Old Hard Drives?

Most businesses store their data using different hard drives, and potentially even multiple business locations. Storage possibilities continue to grow, but people are still choosing to throw away their old hard drives instead of using a company for secure hard drive destruction. So, why should you want a secure service instead of throwing them in your business trash cans? Hard drives don’t last forever, and maybe you’re reading this because yours have stopped working already. Save yourself and your business some time and money by creating a protocol for data destruction.

  1. Unrecoverable Data

When you choose to destroy your hard drives by yourself, you’re not ensuring that you’re making the data unretrievable. On-Site Information Destruction Services makes sure all of your data is professionally destroyed and 100% recycled.

  1. Hefty Fines

If you erase the data from hard drives, criminals can retrieve that data and expose you to lawsuits additionally losing trust from your customers. Each time your business experiences a security breach you have the potential for hefty fines, which can be avoided by a secure hard drive destruction servicing.

  1. Office Space

Generally, you’re storing your data in-house, when you do bulk hard drive destruction you’re also going to be freeing up the office space they were previously housed at.

  1. Company Compliance

Different industries require hard drive destruction companies to stay knowledgeable on the ever-changing laws and regulations for the various industries. We ensure complete company compliance and even provide a Certificate of Destruction with every hard drive destruction servicing.

Choosing a company for your hard drive destruction services instead of just throwing them away seems to be a no-brainer. On-Site Information Destruction can take on jobs of all sizes and are eager to help your business stay safe and compliant.

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