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Document Shredding Solutions in Ottumwa

We supply professional and cost-effective document shredding solutions that can be completed directly at your Ottumwa location, or off-site at our document shredding facility. Regardless of which service your Ottumwa business prefers, we promise to deliver secure destruction that’s backed with documented proof; a Certificate of Destruction. This paper is clear indication of your particular shred job, outlining what, when, and how your documents were shred. You can rest assured that our document shredding procedures will assist your business in remaining compliant with  privacy regulations.  Protecting your security is our biggest priority, and we guarantee that your confidential material will remain private throughout the entire shred process. Our document destruction specialists pride themselves on providing Ottumwa customers with the highest security measures possible.

Hard Drive and Product Destruction Solutions in Ottumwa

Hard Drive Destruction

We shred more than just sensitive documents for businesses and residents in Ottumwa; for your protection data stored electronically must be secure following disposal as well. To protect your brand and reputation, Ottumwa organizations must securely dispose of their unwanted electronic material.  Hard drives generally hold hundreds of thousands of files that need to stay protected from exposure. Unfortunately simply erasing or “degaussing” a hard drive, does not offer adequate removal. The only method of permanent data removal is through hard drive destruction services. Our specialized shred equipment allows us to effectively destroy your old hard drives and other electronic material, preventing the risks associated with identity theft and corporate fraud. Our process also prevents toxins and other harmful material found in electronic parts, away from our landfills.

Product Destruction

Corporate products that have passed their expiration date, or old promotional items such as mouse pads, pens, and uniforms that your Ottumwa business no longer requires, should be disposed of in a manner that protects your reputation as well as the health of the general public. If a defective product reaches the market or causes harm to a consumer, your business may very well be found responsible. Our product destruction solutions offer reliable and environmentally-friendly disposal for any product which is damaged, expired or recalled. If you’re interested in seeking further details about our shredding services, we welcome you to come to our facility for a free tour, or contact us anytime for all of your questions.

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