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Hard Drive Destruction Process

Process Overview – FAST, SECURE & 100% RECYCLED!!!

On-Site Information Destruction will arrive at your location with a custom built truck designed for hard drive shredding. Our truck is 100% secure and is equipped with the highest capacity and most efficient mobile shredder available. Our shredder is capable of shredding 2,400 drives per hour!  The added bonus of our mobile shredding truck is that all destruction activity is live-fed to an iPad so you can watch what’s happening in our truck from your desk in real-time. Having On-Site Information Destruction at your location ensures a NAID Certified chain of custody for your hard drives that is never broken because you get to watch the entire shredding process on your own premises.

Our Hard Drive Shredder

The hard drive shredder is a model AMS-2000HD-SSD manufactured by Ameri-Shred and is custom fitted to our truck. The unit is capable of quickly destroying high volumes of solid state drives down to 3/8” or rotary drives down to 1.5”. Additionally, the shredder is equipped with a high flow HEPA filtration unit designed to keep dust down to a minimum.

Two-Steps ensure secure destruction:

  • Preparation
    We utilize handheld bar code scanners to quickly & accurately record serial numbers for every hard drive prior to destruction. Once serial number information for hard drives have been recorded into an Excel file the drives are staged for destruction.
  • Destruction
    Each hard drive will be run through the shredder to ensure it has been completely destroyed. The shredded material drops from the bottom of the shredder directly into a storage container where it’s mixed with material from over 1,000 other destroyed drives.

Recycling Shredded Material

After completing the destruction at your location, the shredded material is 100% RECYCLED via R2 certified downstream partners.