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Scheduled Document Destruction

Secure Document DestructionOn-Site Information Destruction offers a range of document shredding services and secure document containers. We have the capability to shred at your facility with one of our mobile shredding trucks, or we can bring your sensitive documents to our off-site facility in Waterloo, Iowa. Whether you choose our on-site or off-site paper shredding services, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued upon completion of each service. All of your shredded documents are thoroughly destroyed and collected for recycling as well. The document shredding services provided by On-Site Information Destruction gives our clients the highest level of security available.

Comprehensive document shredding services are offered weekly, monthly, semi-monthly and quarterly. Once the interval is established, we automatically schedule your service, arrive at your location on the pre-determined day and service your secure document containers. If your requirements change for any reason, we can alter your service schedule or change the number of secure collection containers at your facility.

On-site Document Shredding
With on-site document shredding services, your business will have confidence in knowing that all sensitive information will never find its way into the wrong hands. At On-Site Information Destruction, our process is easy, convenient, and 100% secure.

Our On-site Document Shredding Process:

  1. Choose from weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly service.
  2. Locked paper collection containers are placed in high-traffic areas throughout your office.
  3. Documents that require secure shredding are placed into the locked security containers.
  4. At a predetermined service schedule, our uniformed Security Technician arrives at your location and removes your documents to be destroyed.
  5. The sensitive contents are taken directly from your office to our mobile shred truck for destruction.
  6. The shredding is completed on your premises, where we welcome you to watch your documents being destroyed.
  7. A Certificate of Destruction is provided to you with your invoice.

When you choose On-Site Information Destruction for your document shredding needs, we make it our number one priority to help protect your business and your clients from the risks of information theft, fraud and regulatory liability. Forget about having to transport your sensitive information offsite, we come to you! Your business contributes to creating a greener environment, as all paper we collect is baled after shredding and sent to a recycling facility.

Off-site Document Shredding
Off-site Document DestructionOur off-site document shredding solution provides customers an alternative option for safe document destruction. Rather than shredding material on your premises, the document shredding takes place at our facility in Waterloo, Iowa. When you work with On-Site Information Destruction, you’re choosing a document destruction company that you can rely on. We follow best practices in the industry, and maintain a strict chain-of-custody throughout our document shredding procedures.

Our Off-site Document Shredding Process:

  1. Contact us for a one-time purge service.
  2. At a pre-arranged date, one of our Security Technicians will arrive at your location and collect your sensitive documents for shredding.
  3. Documents are carried out to our vehicle, where they are securely transported off-site to our shred facility.
  4. All material is then destroyed by state-of-the-art shred machinery. Our cross-cut shredder is capable of shredding in minutes what might take hours to complete in-house.
  5. Our facility has restricted access, and features video surveillance 24/7 for your security.
  6. All shredded content is collected and processed for recycling.
  7. As always, following the document shredding we will present you with both an invoice and a Certificate of Destruction, for additional peace of mind.

Your business is in great hands with On-Site Information Destruction. Our off-site document shredding services are cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and 100% secure. We welcome you to visit our shred facility at anytime.