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Certificate of destruction

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

If your business is thinking about outsourcing its paper shredding or hard drive destruction, this is an excellent step towards protecting your private business documents. Not only does a professional paper shredding company offer expertise and skills in the way of thoroughly shredding paper so that it’s irrecoverable, most reputable ones also follow a strict process that ensures compliance. What does this mean exactly?

While shredding in-house is better than failing to shred at all, it simply does not offer your business the same sense of security, and could even lead to legal liabilities. If you have done some research, you’ve probably come across the term COD or Certificate of Destruction. So what’s the significance of this piece of paper anyway?

A trustworthy company such as On-Site Information Destruction will always provide you with documented proof which outlines your information has been received, confidentially handled, destroyed, and recycled. This Certificate of Destruction (COD) offers customers the peace of mind in knowing that all necessary security precautions were taken during the shredding process to protect your company. Identity theft cases are still on the rise, meaning that it is critical to have an ongoing paper shredding program in place. Regular document shredding is a proactive approach in combating the risks associated with identity theft, and it’s really the only method that ensures 100% protection for your employees and customers.

Keep in mind that regardless of whom you decide to partner with for your paper and hard drive shredding needs, it is important to do your research and choose widely. A company that cannot provide you with a Certificate of Destruction poses an alarming red flag. It’s highly recommended to verify that this is included in the service prior to making your decision. At the end of the day, this piece of documentation acts as a point of reference and liability, should any problems arise.

At On-Site Information Destruction, we consider maintaining our clients’ security, a top priority. If your business would like to learn more about our unique document shredding services, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.  Contact us today for more details surrounding a Certificate of Destruction, and how our services can benefit your document management. Call (800) 601-8201.