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Your Business Was Just Hacked, Now What?-On-Site

Your Business Was Just Hacked, Now What?

Was your business just hacked and now you don’t know what to do? On-Site Information Destruction Services wants to make sure you know what to do if this happens, and what to do to keep your business safe in the future. We offer secure hard drive destruction services to businesses of all sizes; when you need us most, we’ll be there.

  1. Disconnect your desktop computer or laptop from the internet
  2. Power down your device
  3. Contact your company’s IT department or company and inform them of everything you know about your recent attack

How to protect your business from future attacks:

  1. Make sure your operating system is up-to-date, most updates include some improvements in security.
  2. Regularly backup your company files to an external hard drive
  3. If your computer isn’t an Apple product, install anti-malware and anti-virus software

We all assume that we know the potential consequences of getting hacked, but keep reading to find out what you should be protecting your company from.

Permanent Financial Damage

After your company experiences a breach in your security, cleaning up the mess that follows can be costly. The cost for using an external IT department is much higher than having your own, using preventative care can save your business a lot of additional repair dollars.

Potential Damage to Your Reputation

Having a data breach can include the hackers getting ahold of your customer’s information, which can leave your client’s with little to no trust left in your company.

Legal Issues

Along with your customers losing trust with your company, they may additionally seek legal action to be compensated for your lack of digital security.

Making sure your business is protected from potential security hacks can be done by making sure your digital security is up-to-date, and by backing up your information onto hard drives. Getting rid of old data from a hard drive can be done securely through hard drive destruction and will help keep you and your customer’s safe.

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